Best Hidden Car Surveillance Camera 360 Degree

Are you looking for a surveillance camera for your car which records the video and every event around your cars? If you are the part of any secret agency or member of a foreign affairs office or ambassador and you have to frequently move in a foreign county. Then a 360-degree car camera is an essential part of your car.

hidden car surveillance camera 360 degree

With the help of 360 degree car security camera, you can record all activities happening around you. This 360 degree vehicle security camera has the bird view on the other spy who follows your movements.

These 360 degree panoramic view car surveillance camera save your car from thieves. Sometime, your car may face any accident situation then 360 degree car security camera system record the fault of each party, and its recording can be used as evidence in the court of law.

In this article, we discuss the best 360 degree car security camera with reviews that help to buy a good quality camera for your vehicle.

Best hidden car surveillance camera 360 degree

Following are the best 360 degree car camera system reviews:

1. Dual Dashcam – VAVA Dual 1920x1080P with Wi-Fi

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360 degree car dash camera will cover the 360 angle by front and rear camera which provides 1080 p resolution of video. VAVA dual dash provide good video result in night. You can install the VAVA mobile app and can see the recording on your smartphone.

This camera has built-in Wi-Fi functionality for communication with your mobile. In parking, it covers 360 degree car view and due to its sensitive sensor, it can record a 15-second video if any vibration comes into notice in surrounding the car. In an emergency situation you can take snapshots by touching remote at staring.


  • Dual 1920*1080P@30fps
  • Single Front 2560*1440P@30fps
  • Night Vision Dash Cam with Sony Sensor
  • 24 Hours Parking monitor
  • Protect Video Evidence
  • Dash cam with Wifi and APP
  • 360° Swivel Angel
  • Dash cam with Snapshot Button